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Why Do Organizations Have Requirements in Relation to Ergonomics?

Organizations and Ergonomics What is the purpose of ergonomics? Ergonomics is the science of fitting and designing any workplace to best promote efficiency and productivity. This also includes reducing physical discomfort an employee may feel while working. Implementing...
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How Ergonomics Affects the Performance of Employees

How Does Ergonomics Affect Employees at Work Ergonomics can be defined as the science of fitting and designing any workplace to best promote efficiency and productivity, while also working to reduce discomfort. Office ergonomics includes proper posture when working on computers...
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What Are the Types of Ergonomics Services Offered?

E3’s Ergonomic Services E3 Consulting was established in 1996 with a purpose of building programs that are able to sustain over time and improve a company’s bottom line and overall employee health, comfort, and well-being. Our goal is to help improve the communication...
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Learn About Stress Mapping This National Stress Awareness Month

This Year’s National Stress Awareness Month Every day, each of us faces stress. It can come from work, school, family, and external factors. While many of us believe that we have our stress under control, it can still become overwhelming at times. That’s why E3...
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Spring Cleaning Tips to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Freshen Up Your Workspace With Spring Cleaning Tips  Whether you’re currently working from home or still going into the office, it is important to make sure your work environment is clean and well-organized, allowing you to work efficiently. Spring cleaning does not...
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Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

The Importance and Benefits of an Ergonomic Office Chair Thinking of improving your office through ergonomics? The best way to get started is with an ergonomic chair!  Ergonomic chairs offer a multitude of benefits over sub-standard office chairs. Our team at E3 Consulting...
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Avoiding Germs Around the Office

Our Health and Wellness Tips for the Office E3 Consulting believes that the lifestyle choices made every day directly impact the health and wellness of employees. Many people spend a third of their lives in the office, meaning that the personal health decisions made there are...
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Fall in Love With E3

All That E3 Stands For February is a month of love and appreciation, and we at E3 Consulting are ready to spread the love of ergonomics! There’s no need to do your job in an awkward position or to add stress on your musculoskeletal system, and we know that ergonomics are...
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Picking the Right Ergonomic Chair

Find the Best Ergonomic Chair for You During a standard week, employees may sit in their desk chair for up to 40 hours a week. For many of us, that’s not far off from the amount of time we spend asleep or in our beds. The importance of a good ergonomic chair is often...
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The Science Behind Stress Mapping

Measuring Stress in the Body When it comes to your office space, E3 Consulting puts you first. Part of being the leader in office ergonomics, design, health, and wellness programs means customizing solutions for your employees’ stress. We’ve always worked to improve...
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Office-Wide New Year’s Resolutions

Working Out Office-Wide It’s a new year, and for many, New Year’s resolutions tend to have some physical or fitness aspect. However, many people end up not fulfilling their goals nor forming new habits. Studies show that working out and eating healthier are easier...
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E3’s Employee Acupuncture Rejuvenation

Our Employee Acupuncture Rejuvenation E3 believes that healthy and happy employees drive a company’s success. Our mission is to create wellness, and our name explains it all: E3 stands for (E)rgonomics (E)quals (E)xcellence. Our specialists work alongside clients for...
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Get the Necessary Ergonomic Assistance

Our Pre-Evaluation Survey The world of ergonomics can be complicated and confusing for those just entering it. At E3 Consulting, we aim to provide all of our clients with a workplace that perfectly fits them, increasing productivity while reducing discomfort. To us, a perfect...
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Forming and Maintaining Healthy Workplace Relationships

Handling Healthy Relationships at Work Let’s face it: you spend a lot of time at work. With a large portion of your waking hours being spent in the office, it’s important to make relationships that matter. Like any setting, you won’t be best friends with...
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A Guide to Staying Stress-Free During the Holidays

Lifestyle Choices to Mitigate Holiday Stress As we enter the fall season, people begin to experience excess stress stemming from the impending holiday season. A typically-festive time, many find the pressure and expectations tough to bear. Hopefully, this article will help turn...
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Make a Positive Change in Your Workplace With Ergonomic Training Programs

Implement Ergonomics With Ergonomic Training Programs What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is defined as the science of fitting and designing any workplace to best improve both efficiency and productivity. E3 stands for Ergonomics Equals Excellence. Through our available training...
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The Benefits of Improving Your Workspace with Ergonomics

What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the science of fitting and designing any workplace to best improve efficiency and productivity while reducing discomfort. It is based on management systems, work processes, environment, and the equipment/facilities utilized during the workday. In...
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Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Finding Health and Wellness at Work There isn’t always time in your everyday life to focus on health. Around kids, schedules, family commitments, and everything else you have to do, there never seems to be enough time for you to accomplish everything you want to do. If you...
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How Does Corporate Fitness Help a Company?

Corporate Fitness Improvements to Consider You likely know that it’s important to be healthy so you can have a high quality of life with fewer medical bills. Did you know that there’s also a level of fitness within any business? Corporate fitness should be a high...
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Understand the E3 Philosophy

Use the E3 Philosophy to Your Advantage There are many ways to grow your business and make things run more smoothly in the office space, but if you feel like your workplace needs help in one way or another, E3 Consulting is here to help. If you are unsure as to whether or not the...
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Stress Mapping Philosophy

Can Stress Mapping Help Your Lifestyle? Stress is something everyone goes through in some way or another and it has a different impact on every life. Many people will notice stress in the workplace, surrounding the busy family life, regarding finances and in many other areas. But...
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Small Additions that Can Liven Up Your Work Environment

Brighten The Workplace In No Time With No Money While a workplace environment is important, not a lot of businesses want to put a lot of time or effort into brightening an office space. There are plenty of things any office can do for very little time and no, or next to no,...
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Bad Work Ergonomics Could be Causing Your Back Problems

Get Work Ergonomics On Track For Less Pain Does anyone really want to live in pain? Of course not! And what if what you do on a daily basis, without even thinking that the workplace is actually the cause of your pain? More and more people have desk jobs today and work ergonomics...
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Mindfulness Tips to Start The Morning On the Right Foot

Getting Your Wellness On Track Have you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed? Nothing seems to go right. You’re late, there’s a stain on your shirt, and you didn’t even get a chance to grab breakfast. By the time you get to work, you’re exhausted,...
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Poor Habits That Are Affecting Your Wellness

Getting Your Wellness On Track As much as we all hate to admit it, no one is perfect. Everyone has a few bad habits, but  a lot of these lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on your health that you really shouldn’t ignore. Luckily, there are things you can do to...
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Does Your Office Need Mindfulness Consulting?

Using Mindfulness Consulting To Benefit Your Business Mindfulness is a hot topic in today’s world. It might bring on images of zen meditation and yoga, but how exactly does that fit into the workplace in a realistic way? Mindfulness consulting and training sessions can have...
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The Importance of Ergonomics for Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness And Ergonomics Go Hand In Hand If you were to be asked to describe your workplace, what phrase would you use? Perhaps you work in an office, and maybe cubicles or artificial lighting comes to mind. Is comfortable one of the phrases that comes to mind? Many...
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Learning Proper Laptop Ergonomics

Laptop Ergonomics Tips Laptops are great, right? They allow you to take your work with you wherever you go. However, laptops are not good for one particular thing—ergonomics. You can find yourself lacking productivity and in the midst of more fatigue because of poor...
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Ergonomics Company Advice For Industrial Settings

Industrial Ergonomics Advice for Your Company When you think of ergonomics, perhaps someone hunching over their computer at a desk comes to mind. While this is often where ergonomics can affect a number of areas, there are also plenty of risks in the industrial world. While those...
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Improving Office Ergonomics In Five Steps

Take Office Ergonomics To A Higher, Healthier Level Offices are complex and dynamic spaces and managing all of the intricate elements can be a challenge. With emerging technology, both employee and customer needs and a variety of other things, the definition of an office changes...
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Easy Ways To Improve Computer Ergonomics

Control Your Computer Ergonomics More people are working at desks and with computers than ever before. They have to sit for long hours to get their work done, which can lead to a number of pains and issues. In order to create a safe, healthy work environment that is also...
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Ergonomic Sitting Advice

What is the Best Ergonomic Sitting Position? More people sit at desk jobs today than ever before. With technology growing by leaps and bounds, there’s more to do on the computer and less activity to get people up and moving. While many office workers might think...
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Effective Ergonomics Training

Getting Ergonomics Training That Works You have probably heard that good ergonomics habits are important to the health and  well-being of those who work long hours at desk jobs. Proper ergonomics can prevent pain, doctor’s visits, sick days, and it can even increase...
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Assessing Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomics In The Workplace Make A Difference If you have an office job that forces you to sit at a computer for much of the day, you are at a high risk for injuries like carpal tunnel, back pain, tendinitis, fatigue, and other such miseries. Before you allow yourself to fall...
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Does Your Company Need An Ergonomics Evaluation?

Everyone Benefits From An Ergonomics Evaluation While you might know that good ergonomics is important, you may not know much more than that. Does your office have good ergonomics? If you don’t know, it’s best to find out. How can you figure out what your office needs...
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The Most Common Office Ergonomics Issues

Fixing Office Ergonomics Starts With Recognizing Issues Working in an office is supposed to be safe—and a more cushy job than being outside doing construction or something else of that nature. While there are many perks, like temperature control, there are also hazards to...
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Reasons To Utilize A Wellness Coach

Bringing The Best Out Of Employees With A Wellness Coach Doesn’t everyone want to put their best foot forward so they can be the best they can be? Wellness programs exist to help people improve their health and their lifestyle as a whole. When companies take wellness...
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What Level Of Corporate Fitness Help Does Your Company Need?

Incorporating Holistic Corporate Fitness The health and well being of your company’s employees make a difference in the way your company runs. You want the people around you to be happy and healthy and they have to take certain steps in their life to make that happen. If...
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Reducing Pain At Work With Ergonomics

Ergonomics Brings Pain Relief Does your back hurt all the time and you don’t know why? You don’t lift heavy items and you sleep well on your nice mattress. What can you do about your pain? The good news is, there are solutions to your back pain and they might even be...
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Stress Mapping In The Workplace

Stress Mapping Gains Workplace Advantages The workplace is moving more and more towards wellness as customers, clients, and employees want more health and well-being options. Businesses are starting to focus on ergonomics, healthy incentives, and other items that improve the...
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Ergonomics And Efficiency Go Hand In Hand

Increase Efficiency With Ergonomics Ergonomics is the study of efficiency and when you apply it to an office, it can help you figure out what you can do to aid your employees in remaining healthy and performing better overall. You want your employees to be safe at work and that...
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How Mindfulness Consulting Can Help In The Workplace

Aid The Workplace With Mindfulness Consulting There are plenty of things you could offer to your employees to improve the workplace in general. Perhaps you’ve even tried a few of them. Health and wellness programs can be very successful, and they can leave lasting impacts...
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Benefits of Nutritional Counseling in the Workplace

Nutritional Counseling In The Workplace You probably know that practicing good nutrition can improve weight issues, mood swings, tiredness and fatigue and a number of other things. But what can it do for people within the in workplace? Learn more about it and see if it’s a...
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Creating A Heavenly Work Environment

The Work Environment Of Your Dreams It’s easy enough to compare one company to another and judge that one work environment is top of the line while another is down in the dumps. But how did they get that way? And if you are building an organization, how do you get a...
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Putting Individuals Into Ergonomics Consulting

Individualized Ergonomics Consulting There are plenty of opportunities for ergonomics consulting out there today with lots of evaluations and risk assessments. But there’s a new approach that gives individuals a chance to truly see what’s going on in their specific...
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What Can Wellness Companies Do For Your Business?

Hiring Wellness Companies To Help With Your Specific Issues There are a variety of wellness companies on the market these days and perhaps you have wondered about hiring them to help your business with one thing or another. What are some of the things they can help you combat and...
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What Can Good Ergonomics Do For The Workplace?

Incorporating Ergonomics Into Every Office For Benefits All Around Ergonomics is something that has become very important in recent years as more people work in offices and behind computers on a regular basis. Office workers are having more back pain, headaches, arm cramps and...
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Examples Of Work Wellness Programs

Choose The Right Wellness Programs For Your Company Developing a healthy habit can take quite a bit of time and effort and if you want your employees to get into a more healthily lifestyle to increase the happiness and productivity in your office, there are wellness programs that...
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What Does A Wellness Coach Cover?

Does Your Business Need A Wellness Coach? There are a variety of things that can help your business grow and move forward. If you have tried many things, some of which have worked okay and some of which haven’t, you might consider a wellness coach to get things on the right...
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Creating A Happy Work Environment

Starting Off With A Positive Work Environment If you are starting a new business, you want everything to go well from the very beginning. You and your employees are going to spend a lot of time at work and the business world is tougher than ever before. It’s important to...
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A Checklist For Finding Ergonomics Consulting

Finding The Right Ergonomics Consulting Company There are so many reasons to go through ergonomics consulting. You want to offer your employees incentives so you can keep them happy and productive, for example. You want everyone to be as comfortable and healthy as well. And...
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Become Corporate Wellness Companies At Their Best

What Do Corporate Wellness Companies Have That You Don’t? Most corporate wellness companies have a number of things that average companies don’t have. First and foremost, they have wellness programs. Wellness programs are more popular than ever before. They started...
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Avoiding Fatigue With Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomics In The Workplace Improve Energy Levels Work makes you tired, right? But should it? You shouldn’t be uncomfortable, physically stressed, and tired just because you are working hard. In fact, you can increase both your comfort and your productivity with ergonomics...
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Responsibilities Of A Wellness Coach

Wellness Coaches Put Your Health Into Action If your business is lacking and you want to know why, you might want to try some wellness programs. Hiring a wellness coach can take your business from blah to fabulous in a matter of time. It won’t happen overnight, but little...
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How Wellness Programs Work

Wellness Programs Making Work More Enjoyable Work isn’t always something you look forward to. You don’t necessarily find it “fun,” right? But that doesn’t mean you should dread it, either. Many companies are turning away from the old way of doing...
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How To Manage A Stressful Work Environment

  Get Past Stress To A Happier Work Environment Anyone with a full-time job spends a lot of their day at work. If that day is filled with stress, it makes the rest of life that much less enjoyable. Numerous studies have shown that stress on the job has a big impact on the...
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Ways To Help Your Body In An Office

Ergonomics Consulting For A Happier, Healthier Office You spend at least half of your waking hours in the office, working at your job. While companies that involved manual labor have clear risks, even offices have plenty of drawbacks. The problem is, they are much less obvious....
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Corporate Wellness Companies Show Your Employees You Care

Corporate Wellness Companies Help Make Happy Employees Of course, you care about your employees, right? There’s no way your business could run without them. Even if you are the head of the company, you know you can’t do it all. And that’s why you have people...
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Avoid These Problems With Good Ergonomics

Here’s What Could Happen If You Don’t Pay Attention To Ergonomics If you choose ergonomics for your company, you are doing a number of great things for the business and the individuals who work there. Many leading companies are integrating ergonomics into all of their...
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Starting An Office Wellness Program In Your Workplace

Four Easy Steps To Starting Wellness Programs Some institutionalized office wellness programs can include monthly seminars on healthy eating that no one wants to go to. Everyone is too busy for extra programs and the company might think they don’t have the money to dedicate...
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How A Wellness Coach Can Improve Your Business

Tools A Wellness Coach Brings To The Table If you have noticed a lackadaisical attitude within your company, you might want to consider starting a wellness program within your office. Wellness programs can give people a new lease on life in the workplace. Before you randomly...
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Ergonomics Consulting: Find The Right Consultant

Ergonomics Consulting Can Be Customized For Your Team Are you in the market for some ergonomics consulting? Any quick internet search will yield many choices, so how can you be sure you’re selecting the right one? Here are a few quick and easy tips you can use to select the...
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Creating A Better Work Environment With Ergonomics

Improving Your Work Environment Through Ergonomics When a worker is sick or injured, it becomes as important as ever to get them back to good health. When you work to make the work environment comfortable, then you also work to make the workforce healthier and more productive....
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How Corporate Wellness Companies Improve Businesses

The Need For Good Ergonomics It isn’t always easy to promote change around the workplace. Sometimes, the change is difficult to enact on a logistical level. Other times, employees need to be sold on the new ideas in order to embrace them. When it comes to promoting good...
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Promoting Healthy Ergonomics To Your Employees

Stresses At Work Most people know that working is stressful at times. Whether it’s at the office or at home, between strict deadlines and late hours, working a normal eight hour day can take its toll. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the hidden damage that...
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Are Wellness Programs Good For Business?

Wellness Programs And Businesses Wellness programs are good for both the waistline and the bottom line within a business. Most people spend more time at work and less time on their health nowadays. Businesses are starting to understand there are benefits to keeping workers well...
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The Steps To Becoming A Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach Requirements If you are looking for a new career, or want to hire a wellness coach to help your business ventures, you should know the skill sets they acquired to become wellness coaches. Wellness coaches give individual attention to clients and companies to help...
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Work Environment

Benefits Of The Best Work Environment

The Best Work Environment There are a lot of elements that go into creating a good, healthy work environment. As a business owner, of course you want to have a work environment that your employees appreciate and that you are happy with as well. There are a number of reasons why...
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Incorporating Ergonomics In The Office

An Office With Ergonomics You want your office to run smoothly, but things will only go downhill if your employees are complaining of back pain and other ailments because of long hours at a desk with a computer. In order to practice wellness and remain comfortable on the job, you...
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Do You Need Corporate Wellness Companies

Do You Need Corporate Wellness Companies?

Advantages Of Using Corporate Wellness Companies If you run your place of work well, it will benefit everyone from the employees all the way through your level of production. There are a number of things that corporate wellness companies will do for you if you choose to hire one....
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Ergonomics In The Office

Ergonomics In The Office

Office Ergonomics You need to take stock of your chair and what it might be doing to you and your back. If you are slouching or leaning over your computer, you are putting pressure on your spine, which could lead to severe back pain now or down the road. You need to use chairs...
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Wellness Coach Helps Athlete

Frequent Questions About A Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach FAQ Getting the most out of life is important for everyone. We all want to be healthy, but that can mean different things to different people. On some level, everyone wants to be able to carry out their daily activities without too much trouble. It is generally...
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Manager Evaluates Wellness Programs

How Do Wellness Programs Affect Productivity?

Wellness Programs And Productivity Health and wellness are directly related to the lifestyle choices each individual makes. If one person is mindful of their nutrition and fitness and another is not, the first person will likely be a more healthy, balanced individual. By...
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Consultants Evaluating Work Environment

Improving The Work Environment

Ways To Improve The Work Environment The overall look and feel of a workplace can have a huge affect on the output and the team performance. Everything from the office layout to the break-room setup can impact the happiness and vibe in an office setting. Positive workplaces often...
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Ergonomics Consulting Specialist At The Office

Tips For Choosing The Right Ergonomics Consulting Team

Ergonomics Consulting If you want to have more ergonomics in your office, the best thing you can do is hire an ergonomics consulting team. However, selecting the right team can be tricky. In order to get the best fit, use these tips to find an ergonomics consulting team that will...
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Corporate Wellness Companies CEO Lifting Weights

Tips for Hiring the Right Corporate Wellness Companies

What to Look for in Corporate Wellness Companies From entry level employees to executives, having an efficiently run place of work benefits everyone, which is why it is a great idea to look into corporate wellness companies for your office. Emphasis on Ergonomics The corporate...
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Woman Sits On Ergonomics Chair While Drinking Water

Fight Fatigue with Ergonomics

How to Use Ergonomics to Give You Energy Having the proper office ergonomics can help you and your coworkers in a variety of ways, one of which is to increase energy levels. One way that you can avoid the afternoon lag is by using your energy more efficiently throughout the day....
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Woman Eating Healthy Salad As Advised By Wellness Coach 3-30

Responsibilities of a Wellness Coach

There’s No Substitute for Wellness Choosing employee wellness isn’t just an option. It’s the only way to run a successful company. Many companies don’t yet understand the litany of benefits when it comes to wellness programs, and bringing on wellness...
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Woman Participating In Wellness Programs Reading 3-15

How Wellness Programs Work

Overall Employee Wellness is the Base of Profit Your human capital is the only reason that your company will make it to the top. Human capital is a resource for which there is no replacement for rest, support, and good health. Human capital, of course, are the people who work...
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Corporate Wellness Companies Employee Supporting Each Other

Show Your Employees You Care

How to Appreciate Your Employees Employees have always loved being treated by management. It makes the people that work for you feel appreciated, and that the work that they do isn’t in vain. Treating your employees well is always a safe bet for two reasons: when employees...
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Wellness Coach Working Everyday With Employee

How a Wellness Coach will Help Your Day

Wellness Should be Taken Seriously Hiring a wellness coach is a step that you take when you need some help getting to a place of appreciation in your life. Maybe you’ve reached your professional goals, and you’re not sure what’s next, or you’re burned out,...
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Wellness Programs At Work Can Improve Your Business

Wellness Programs That Can Improve Your Business

Successful Businesses Focus on Wellness Programs When business owners are frugal, usually the last thing on their mind is to institute wellness programs. Many business owners think that these are luxuries, and perks, more than something that’s going to make their office...
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Man Working In An Improved Work Environment

Quick Tips to Improve Your Work Environment

A Great Work Environment Makes For a Productive Workforce You want for the people that you hire to be as productive as possible. There have been plenty of books written on management, where people explore the various ways to make your employees as productive as they can be, but...
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Woman Feeling Balanced At Her Office Desk

Ergonomics Consulting: Tips to Help Your Office

How Ergonomics Consulting Can Take a Business to the Next Level Ergonomics consultants work hard to make sure that everyone at work is as comfortable as they could be. For this reason, many people find that they experience an increase in productivity in their workforce when they...
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Employees Of A Corporate Wellness Company

Finding a Job With a Corporate Wellness Company

Want to Work For a Corporate Wellness Company? We all want to work for a company that takes corporate wellness seriously. Not only is it going to make you a happier person, it’s also going to greatly improve your overall health. Do you want to find a company that’s...
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A Brand New Ergonomic Office

3 Tips to Make An Ergonomic Office

It’s Important to Create An Office With Ergonomics in Mind One of the very best things that you can do to make sure that your business runs smoothly is to introduce an ergonomics program. The truth of the matter is that no matter who you are, you probably do better work if...
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Wellness Coach Helping Employee With Her Exercise Plan

Who Needs a Wellness Coach?

You Need to Get a Wellness Coach Having a wellness coach is something that almost anyone can benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a few pounds, improve your health, or just set goals for yourself to feel better in your everyday life, a wellness coach provides...
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How Wellness Programs Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Does Your Office Have a Wellness Program for its Employees? Wellness programs are becoming more and more popular across the United States. Known for solving problems like stress and poor health in the workplace, they seek to get rid of the things that keep employees from...
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Improve Your Work Environment with Healthy Snacks for Employees

3 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment

Improving Your Work Environment Makes for Happy Employees If you have people working for you, you have to realize that what they’re dedicating their lives to getting your dreams off of the ground. Granted, they are getting paid for this, but what may even be more important...
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Keep Your Employees Healthy with Ergonomics Consulting

4 Ways Ergonomics Consulting Helps Businesses

Are You Thinking of Getting Ergonomics Consulting? In the age that we’re in, making sure that employees are comfortable is one of the most important parts of running a business where everyone is productive and happy. Have you given any thought to the comfort of your...
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Corporate Wellness Companies Help to Make Your Team Healthy and Productive

5 Traits of Great Corporate Wellness Companies

Want a Great Corporate Wellness Company For Your Business? With the behemoth of healthcare costs looming over the heads of business owners everywhere, investing in employee health is becoming one of the biggest trends of twenty-first century. By creating an environment where...
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Ergonomics in the Workplace Promotes Productivity and Improves Mental and Physical Health

Top Benefits of Ergonomics in The Workplace

Employees that are ill or injured are unfit to work. If you notice that you have a high rate of absences because of sick days taken off, odds are, your workspace isn’t designed with ergonomic standards set in place. With a poorly designed work space, you’ll find that...
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A Wellness Coach Can Improve the Health of People in Your Corporate Business

Corporate Health Tips From A Wellness Coach

Wellness is all about the health and overall well-being of an individual. It is directly associated with the choices we make through our daily lives. Identifying the areas where you need the most help will bring you closer to finding a balance between wellness and other factors...
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Benefits of Wellness Programs in the Workplace

Top Benefits Wellness Programs Have in the Workplace

As a business owner, it can be frustrating running a company and the idea of including a wellness program on top of your other responsibilities may seem like a more troubling task than you care to take on. However, it’s important to note that generating a healthy...
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Creating a Better Work Environment

How to Create a Productive Work Environment

Every employer wants to have a more productive office. However, you may not realize how your company’s culture may be affecting your employees work. Doing some simple shifts in your company’s work culture and being more mindful of your actions can make a serious...
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Ergonomics Consulting for the Workplace

Why Every Business Needs Ergonomics Consulting

Ergonomics can be very impactful in your company. Ensuring that your company is up-to-date with the latest ergonomics practices will ensure that your workplace is productive and positive. Many business owners may not realize the difference that ergonomics can make for their...
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A Wellness Coach Meeting with a Client

How Corporate Wellness Companies are Changing the Workplace

Not so long ago, businesses only cared about their employees during working hours and cared solely about the work that they did. They didn’t really care about their employees holistic health and how their health can affect their work. Now, the world of work is greatly...
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6 Simple Ergonomics Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious injury that can affect your employees wrists and hands. Usually, carpal tunnel syndrome in the office is caused by improper mouse and keyboard use. It is important that your employees understand all the correct ways to use their keyboard and...
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How a Wellness Coach Can Help With Nutrition

Unfortunately, when it comes to the office, nutrition tends to go out the window. We need to take a quick lunch break, so we head off to the closest fast food place or grab a granola bar that doesn’t have enough nutrition in it. When things get stressful, people tend to...
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6 Ways Wellness Programs Can Improve Your Workplace

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs As an employer, if you haven’t looked into corporate wellness programs before, now’s the time to start. A wellness program that is tailored to your company is one of the best ways to improve your everyday work environment for...
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empty office space

4 Benefits of Open Office Layouts

Breaking Down Barriers in the Work Environment In an era where open office layouts have become the norm at many companies, the debate over the productivity and efficiency of open versus enclosed workspaces continues. While both have their advantages and drawbacks, corporations...
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back experiencing back pain due to lack of ergonomics

How to Prevent or Reduce Work-Related Back Pain

Back Pain: One of the Biggest Concerns in Ergonomics Consulting One of the most common concerns we hear among office employees of all ages, in all different industries is back pain. While office jobs don’t necessarily seem strenuous, they can actually contribute to chronic...
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woman planning out the businesses corporate wellness program-wellness-program

Top 5 Questions to Ask Corporate Wellness Companies

What to Look for in Corporate Wellness Companies As an employer, one of the best things you can do for your business is to implement a corporate wellness program. If you’ve never had one in place before, you’re a new manager, or you aren’t exactly sure what your...
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young man at home contemplating how to incorporate ergonomics into his home

Not Just for the Workplace: How to Incorporate Ergonomics at Home

How to Incorporate Ergonomics Into Every Part of Your Life We’re always talking about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace—from teaching how to set up your ergonomic workstation, to detailing the health benefits of ergonomic chairs, and offering ergonomics...
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Tips From a Wellness Coach: How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Wellness Coach Advice: The Importance of a Good Lunch Break Do you or your employees ever eat lunch at your desks—or skip lunch altogether? Do you find yourself getting “hangry” (hungry + angry) when lunch time is approaching? Have you noticed that productivity...
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The Relationship Between Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders

An Overview of Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) To understand the relationship between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), you’ll need to know what each of these terms means on its own. Let’s start with an overview of ergonomics and MSDs....
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8 Easy Ways to Create a Better Work Environment

How to Create a Better Work Environment As a business owner, you may be searching for ways to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. You may be wondering how you can increase your employee retention rates or how to attract more potential hires. When your employees are...
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How to Improve Employee Engagement Through Office Design

What is Employee Engagement? Employee engagement is the measure of how employees feel about their jobs and how committed they are to their organization. It does not mean productivity or employee happiness, although these can be a part of employee engagement. Instead, it factors...
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Top 10 Signs That You’re Under Too Much Stress

What is Stress? Stress is your body’s natural response to feeling threatened. In a perceived-emergency situation, your body releases stress hormones to help you handle the situation. In small doses, stress can be good and can help save your life (ex: flight-or-flight...
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The WELL Building Standard: A Focus on Corporate Wellness

The WELL Building Standard®: An Overview   In 2013, Delos launched the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), after seven years of research, consulting, and reviews. The IWBI leaders realized that there is a strong connection between the buildings where we...
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How to Set Up Your Ergonomic Workstation

Some of the most common workplace injuries in the office are related to back or neck strain or repetitive strain injury (RSI). By setting up your ergonomic workstation correctly, you can reduce your risk of work-related injury. Setting up your ergonomic workstation properly...
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Which Comes First: Company Culture or Office Design?

Should your company culture define your office design? Or should your office design define your company culture? We think defining your company culture first is essential to effective office design. Identify what your employees need and what your company is all about before...
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Why Fitness Needs to Be Part of Your Corporate Wellness Program

For some time now, corporate wellness programs have been seen as a nice bonus for employees. They’ve been considered beneficial by the employees taking advantage of the programs, but as little more than an added cost to employers. However, they shouldn’t be seen this...
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How to Make an Open Floor Plan Work for Anyone

In one of our earlier blogs, we talked about the benefits of an open floor plan. When you eliminate cubicles and tear down walls, you can create a sense of community within the workplace, encourage teamwork, and see more interaction among employees. While these are all great...
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Why You Should Spend a Little More Time Alone

What is wellness? You’ve probably heard about the concept of wellness—maybe from your doctor, your parents, your friends. But what exactly does this concept mean? Often, we hear about wellness as the absence of illness, or as being physically healthy. While physical...
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Top 4 Tips for Managing Stress

We all experience stress in our lives at some point or another, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Stress is actually your body’s natural response to some kind of demand, whether good or bad. This response is to help you survive a dangerous situation or...
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Promote Creativity with Office Design

If you work in a creative industry, you may be surprised to know that your office design may actually be working against you. Your current office design may be hindering the creativity and productivity of your employees. Take a look around your office. Is your team working under...
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How a Wellness Coach Can Improve Your Workplace

How does wellness relate to the workplace? Our lifestyle choices directly affect our health and well being. When we make poor choices or fail to find a balance in our lives, our health and well being are compromised. On the other hand, when we’re able to achieve balance and...
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Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment

If there’s one thing the most successful companies have in common, it’s a positive work environment. Without it, your employees will not be as productive, healthy, or even willing to show up to work each day. You can put the smartest, most resourceful, creative people...
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Let’s Talk About Corporate Wellness

Employers: If there was an easy way to improve your company’s productivity, boost employee morale, and save your business money in the long run, you’d jump at the opportunity, right? As it turns out, there is a simple way to accomplish all of the above: through a...
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benefits of sit stand ergonomic workstations

Benefits of Sit-Stand Ergonomic Workstations

In our last post, we talked about the negative effects of sitting all day long. Fortunately, more and more companies are choosing to provide sit-stand ergonomic workstations for their employees. While some people may be skeptical about the benefits of these desks, we now have...
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5 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Research has proven that sitting all day is extremely bad for your overall health. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods, over time, can lead to higher rates of: high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, dangerous blood glucose levels, slow blood circulation, colon...
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How to Keep The New Years Resolutions for Your Office

New Year’s Day, a time to start over. A day where you can forget mistakes made in the previous year and make goals to have a better year ahead. This is a time when you try to start over with a clean slate. During this time, we often hear that people want to lose all of the...
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The Ergonomic Gift Guide

If you know someone who is a desk jockey, their office desk and chair could harm them more than they realize. Improper posture and positioning can lead to chronic back pain and other health issues. Also, your loved ones keyboard and mouse use can lead to carpal tunnel. If you are...
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A person drawing a Healthy Living illustration with chalk on a blackboard.

How to Engage in Your Employees’ Health Without Seeming Pushy

Wellness programs in the workplace are nothing but beneficial to companies all over the world. These types of programs have helped increase attendance and productivity while lowering health insurance costs. Because of these advantages, more and more bosses are looking to...
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5 Steps to Help Your Team Be More Productive With Less Stress

To be successful as a leader, it is important to divide tasks efficiently and fairly between the members of your team. The allocation of assignments must be done fairly in order for your team to function on the grounds of equality. It should be the goal to have people work on the...
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How Sitting Negates Your Workout Benefits

When it comes to running and exercising, more is better (in a reasonable manner). But when it comes to sitting, less is more. Runner’s World Newswire reported that the more sitting you do, the more prone you are to being exposed to diseases such as heart disease, high blood...
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Five Reasons Men Should Give Mindfulness a Try

Ever since the beginning of time, man’s greatest responsibility was to protect their family. This sense of guardianship has lead to a decrease in vulnerability. The issue with men and mindfulness is that it asks us to open up and be emotionally exposed. Now, the physical...
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Workplace Health Ideas

It’s no secret that healthy workers are productive workers. Employees who hold healthier lifestyles are more likely to have greater productivity, less absenteeism, and greater long term health. Wellness programs help promote overall healthy habits that will prevent and...
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How Open Floor Plans Help Increase Worker Productivity

The reign of the cubicle is coming an end. Many of today’s leading tech companies, Google and Facebook included, are transforming their offices into open workspaces. Companies who have successfully implemented this change in workspace organization have seen a huge increase...
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Move From a Standard Office Desk to a Standing Desk

Did you know that today most Americans spend more than half of their waking hour sitting down? Think about all the time you spend driving, eating, watching TV, and working at your desk. More than likely this outweighs the time you spend walking, running, or standing. Although...
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Welcome to the E3 Consulting Corporation’s Blog!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for your continued business and our potential customers for your consideration! We love creating effective working environments and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your business. The E3 Consulting...
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