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Responsibilities of a Wellness Coach

Woman Eating Healthy Salad As Advised By Wellness Coach 3-30There’s No Substitute for Wellness

Choosing employee wellness isn’t just an option. It’s the only way to run a successful company. Many companies don’t yet understand the litany of benefits when it comes to wellness programs, and bringing on wellness coaches for their employees. For the ones that do know the benefits, there is much to be celebrated! Happy employees are most likely to stay with a company longer, work harder, and deliver better work than employees who feel under-appreciated, or are unhappy with the environment. Your human capital, your employees, are your greatest asset, and a wellness coach will be your best resource to make the most of your great team!

Time Management

Of all of the things that anyone can do to prevent stress, effective time management is the easiest action to take! A wellness coach can assist employees that may not have any idea of how to properly conduct effective time management, and show them what is possible when everything isn’t put off to the last minute. Wellness coaches will always look for ways to make sure that work is done as soon as possible, but a wellness coach will also keep an eye out for inefficiencies in working processes. Wellness coaches know that time management is essential in the battle against having too much stress, but that other parts of life will also come into play.


Any coach, whether they are a life coach, a wellness coach, or a sports coach, will tell you that fitness isn’t a destination, fitness is a journey. While fitness won’t resolve every single problem that faces a workforce, it will resolve or prevent many of the physical issues that face people who work in sedentary jobs. Exercise has the power to give anyone more energy, better stamina, and more flexibility. Wellness coaches can guide you and your employees through wellness programs that include cardio, strength, and stretching.

Healthy Eating Choices and Portion Control

There is nothing more dangerous to a body in a sedentary job than a habit of overeating. Some of us do need a little more to be satisfied, but everyone doesn’t need to eat like a professional athlete. Wellness coaches, along with most of us, know that don’t need nearly as much food as what is served to us in a typical chain restaurant. We’re encouraged, though, not to waste, to eat it all, and take whatever small portion that remains with us. Wellness coaches also know how to steer you and your employees away from bad eating habits, no matter the temptation. Though that chocolate lava cake is incredibly delicious, a wellness coach can help your employees do better for themselves by finding other ways to satisfy cravings with healthy foods.

Ergonomic Body Care

Once time management, diet, and exercise are under control for your healthy and productive office, making sure that everyone’s posture is strong and healthy is the final frontier of in-office health. Your wellness coach can tell you about the importance of ergonomics in the office, but you can always reach out to do your own research on the subject. Ergonomics in the office can affect the posture, which is related to the overall health of the spine. All of this is important to your company’s productivity, and creates much healthier working environments.

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