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E3 Consulting uses a hybrid approach of ergonomic standards and spatial planning to create enduring unity across your team as they Work From Home (WFH) and in the Office due to the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our solutions can:

  • Increase productivity and employee comfort
  • Synchronize In-Office and WFH Workspaces
  • Make telecommuting more effective
  • Free up valuable mental & physical real estate so the user can concentrate on tasks at hand

E3 Consulting Corporation is excited to offer these new Virtual Ergonomic Services, which include:

  • (10) - Minute Virtual (WFH) Ergonomic Check-Ins:

    E3 can provide your team with live, immediate, and actionable ergonomic feedback by scheduling these appointments through Calendly with direct links to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and/or Go To Meeting platform(s):

    • During the (10) – Minute Virtual Ergo Check-in, the end user will be meeting with a Sr. Ergonomics Consultant
    • E3 will help user(s) decide based on their work environments available which ones are good, better, and best for users to spend their time working in and make simple recommendations to make instant improvements
    • E3 will demonstrate through instruction how to properly adjust their chair, keyboard, mouse, monitors, laptops, and iPads, etc.
    • E3 will put all of the data into a spreadsheet with a summary dashboard for each user Complimentary WFH Ergo Tip & Sanitizing Cards

  • (30) - Minute Full (WFH or Office) Virtual Ergonomic Evaluations:

    • During the (30) Minute Full (WFH or Office) Virtual Ergo Evaluation, the end user will also meet with a Sr. Ergonomic Consultant
    • It is recommended that an employee provide 2-3 photos of their current Work From Home Setup prior to the call for the Ergo Consultant to review
    • Employee will be coached on how to take workstation measurements (i.e. elbow height, desk height) to help adjust user to neutral postures
    • E3 will help user(s) decide based on their work environments available which ones are good, better, and best for users to spend their time working in
    • E3 will demonstrate through instruction how to properly adjust their chair, keyboard, mouse, monitors, laptops, and iPads, etc.
    • E3 will generate a custom report and provide recommendations and suggestions for things users can do immediately to improve their overall employee health, comfort, and productivity
    • Complimentary WFH Ergo Tip & Sanitizing Cards

  • Ergonomic Work From Home Webinar(s):

    E3 Consulting can provide a customized 15-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute Work From Home Webinar(s) to cover the following:

    • 15 min, 20 min, or 30 min Live and/or Pre-Recorded Webinar Session (available through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or GoTo Meeting App)
    • Webinar Recording can also be made available as link to employees who wish to view it on their own time as well
    • Request end user’s email pictures ahead of time of their current setups so education can be provided on how to make improvements to these home office environments immediately
    • Provide the Ergo Tips and understanding of how to properly set up your Work from Home Office
    • Which work area to choose based on your work process, body stature, and equipment needed to perform your job
    • Review proper stretches & exercises users can perform during their micro-breaks (every 30 mins take a 30 second pause/break and get up & move)
    • Available now in both English & Spanish

  • Return to Work Ergonomics Clean Sweep (s) or Walk arounds:

    E3 Consulting is available to perform Return to Work Ergonomics Clean Sweeps or Walk arounds. The ergonomics clean sweep will include (1) E3 Senior Consultant to perform 15 minute one-on-one ergonomic assessments to employee(s) who have signed up voluntarily for an evaluation.

    • E3 will demonstrate during the evaluation to each employee in their own workstation how to properly adjust his or her chair.
    • The proper height and distance the user’s workstation.
    • Also, an ergo report summary will also be provided based on ergonomic findings

  • Virtual Ergonomic Implementation Services:

    E3 Ergonomic Consultants and Ergonomic Coordinators are also available to assist with the implementation process which includes the following:

    • Implementation of Work From Home Ergo Recommendations (i.e. can assist with getting price quotes from vendors, placing works orders, scheduling deliveries, and home installations, etc.)
    • Assist with Putting together a Work From Home Ergo Kit & Ergo Budget (i.e. which includes an equipment list for home office set ups)
    • Guideline on how to set up a Hybrid Ergonomics Program (i.e. For Home & Office Users)

  • E3 – ErgoTrac Pro Software which can now Track All The WFH and/or Office Ergonomics Data & Manage Your Day to Day Ergonomics Program:

    Our software shows your organization’s real-time ergonomic data, giving measurable targets, insights and progress markers.

    • An admin dashboard tracks reported ergonomic consultations requested, scheduled, and completed.
    • See furniture and ergo equipment recommendations, quotes, orders, installation dates, and follow ups.
    • See financial reports updated in real time.
    • Track your company’s ergonomic activity at an individual and organizational level.

  • Back-to-Office & Hybrid Approach Guidance

    E3 Consulting offers implementable solutions and key factors to address every stage of your Back-to-Office efforts. We help you develop a phased approach, creating synchronicity through your in-office and remote teams with ergonomic standards that increase productivity and aide in effective communications. We can help you:

    • Determine which business critical work functions ought to remain in-office, and which can be accomplished in a remote environment.
    • Develop sanitization protocols and PPE standards that enhance the safety of your team, equipping them with the necessary tools to minimize COVID-19 risk as they work.
    • Manage facility controls and rethink spatial planning: We can retrofit existing layouts to accommodate safe distances while maintaining function.
    • Develop and produce necessary signage for all phases of Back-to-Office.

Get Started Today in Creating a Healthier Work Environment

For decades, our mission has been to meaningfully contribute to your organization’s health and wellness. That mission carries even more weight in the wake of COVID-19. We believe employees do not have to compromise ergonomic health and safety while working from home, regardless of equipment. By putting forth creative solutions backed by expert knowledge, we look forward to making a difference.