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E3 Consulting Corporation believes effective training is a way to build employee awareness and motivation. With effective training, you’ll notice employee’s want to make a positive change that will dramatically improve one’s overall comfort, health, and stress levels. The training programs E3 design encourages users to make changes they can immediately implement within the workplace. At E3 Consulting Corporation, we offer a large variety of training programs. An outline of our training programs follows:


    E3 Consulting will provide a customized Power Point Orientation Training class focusing on Office Computer, Laptop and/or iPad users. The awareness training (i.e. Lunch & Learn Session) can be offered in person and/or as a webinar. It will cover the following:

    • Understand how good ergonomics can improve your well-being while at work and at home
    • Understand what triggers MSDs (Muscular Skeletal Disorders)
    • Signs and Symptoms of MSDs
    • What to do if you have MSDs
    • What are the reporting methods if one has an MSD
    • The proper posture for working on computers and laptops for the office environment
    • Demonstrate how to properly use tools commonly found in the work environment
    • Correct ergonomic workstation design and equipment placement
    • The importance of exercises, stretching, and micro breaks

    E3’s Ergonomic Orientation Training Classes last approximately ninety (90) minutes, sixty (60) minutes of classroom instruction, and thirty (30) minutes of employee participation in identifying and correcting existing bad habits. Visual aids, including photographs of office workers, will be used to facilitate immediate on the job self-correction. The training classes will use a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and chair to illustrate good vs. bad workstation set-up. To make the training as realistic as possible, company should provide the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and chair.

    • Each session shall train between twenty (20) and thirty (30) employees
    • Class can be held in the morning, at lunch time, or in the afternoon


    After completing an in-person or online ergonomic orientation training, the company’s employees will be required to reinforce their training by taking a five (5) to ten (10) minute Online Ergonomic Training Refresher Course and Ergonomic Quiz.

    Accessed via the company's Intranet and/or the Internet, refresher courses provide employees the opportunity to review select portions of the ergonomic orientation training classes. In addition, refresher courses provide the opportunity for the company to implement additional materials such as new ergonomic reminders, exercises, stretches, and ergonomic quizzes. E3 recommends employees must complete the online training one (1) week after orientation training class.


    E3 will once again review the data collected from the online ergonomic survey and one-on-one ergonomic evaluations and begin developing the supervisor/ manager training.

    E3 Consulting will provide a 2 Hour Supervisor/Manager Training class focusing on the following:

    • How to Read The Online Pre-Evaluation Ergonomic Reports
    • How to Conduct a 15 minute One-On-One Ergonomic Review
    • How to Properly Set Up a User’s Work Environment
    • How to understand the Anatomy and Physiology of Workplace Injuries
    • How to know the warning Signs of Potential Injuries
    • How to explain the Ergonomic Process At Company


    Train-the-Trainer training is an intensive, in-depth training of two or more Company employees who will go on to perform ergonomic orientation training classes and simple ergonomic evaluations for the Company. Train-the-Trainer training is provided on three consecutive workdays.

    Day 1: Future trainers learn how to conduct an ergonomic orientation training class. Future trainers develop a script for teaching the class by reviewing core concepts, asking questions, and working the company's ergonomic training tools. Future trainers are taught how to answer the questions they are likely to encounter while teaching ergonomic orientation classes.

    Day 2 & Day 3: E3 will provide the company with web based ergonomic software. The software, which will also be accessible via the company's intranet and the internet, the software called, "Health Trac Pro" is designed to facilitate immediate in-depth evaluations of employees suffering from ergonomic problems or can be used as a preventative tool. The company's "Health Trac Pro" will assist the company's Ergonomic Trainers by:

    • Rapidly identifying and documenting ergonomic problems
    • Providing suggestions that can be immediately implemented to alleviate discomfort
    • Making employee specific product based corrections
    • Providing and documenting thirty (30), sixty (60) and ninety (90) day follow-ups.


    An E3 consultant will develop and tailor an online ergonomic training brochure to reflect the company’s culture. The training brochure will be customized to match companies’ logo and colors, it will include the following:

    • The company's ergonomic philosophy
    • Correct posture for computer and laptop use
    • Ergonomic stretches and exercises learned during ergo training

    The brochure also contains a dominant eye card and a signoff card for Human Resource documentation. After taking the training class, the company should encourage employees to post the brochure in their workstation.