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E3 recommends that an employee start the ergo process by taking a 3 to 5 minute online web-based ergonomic pre-evaluation survey. This online evaluation will identify whether or not you are considered a low, moderate, and high-risk individual as well as the type and scope of ergonomic problems currently found in your workplace. The ergonomic pre-evaluation will document each employee(s):

  • Background information (i.e. name, length in current job, hand dominance, etc.)
  • Work habits and work process
  • Identifies the types of task the employee(s) perform
  • Identifies the types of tools needed based on user’s existing & future technology requirements and ergonomic needs
  • Provides forecasting & space planning requirements based on ergonomic needs

In addition, the ergonomic pre-evaluation provides a "snapshot" of the organization enabling the client to prioritize where to commit resources to those individuals who need assistance.

Upon completion of the pre-evaluation, employees will receive a message via e-mail containing a customized list of minimal ergonomic suggestions designed to permit each employee to immediately take steps to reduce their discomfort without the purchasing of products.

Once the Pre-Evaluation has been completed, E3 Consulting will examine the results and contact the user to begin a virtual (i.e. Video/Phone) evaluation and/or provide an in-depth onsite One-on-One Ergonomic Evaluation with report and recommendations if needed.

If you’re interested in participating in our online pre-evaluation survey, contact us today for more information on how to get started!