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E3 believes wellness is about the health and well-being of the end user and is directly related to the lifestyle choices that are made—whether it is through mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, acupuncture and managing ones stress. By identifying the areas that need assistance you are one step closer to finding your balance. At E3 Consulting Corporation, we offer a variety of Health and Wellness Consulting services, listed below:


    What is Mindfulness Consulting?

    "Mindfulness is moment-to-moment awareness. It is cultivated by purposefully paying attention to things we ordinarily never give a moment's thought to. It is a systematic approach to developing new kinds of control and wisdom in our lives, based on inner capacities for relaxation, paying attention, awareness and insight." Jon Cabat-Zinn Ph.D., Full Catastrophe Living

    Mindfulness reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves memory, alleviates depression and anxiety, improves productivity, assists in organization, time management, prioritizing and enhances overall well-being. The practice of mindfulness creates space between direct experience and the individual's interpretation of that experience. Without that space we are often engaged in automatic responses that are not always optimal. By creating the space we create the ability to choose actions as opposed to engaging in reactions.

    Some businesses already implementing mindfulness as part of their corporate culture include Apple, Google, McKinsey & Co, Deutsche Bank, Proctor and Gamble, Astra Zeneca, General Mills and Aetna. Listen to what Aetna's CEO, Mark Bertolini has to say about mindfulness here.

    E3 Mindfulness training in stress reduction teaches participants to:

    • Become Aware of Activating Thoughts and Automatic Responses
    • Allowing for Greater Productivity
    • Enhanced Listening Skills and Improved Decision Making.

    E3 Mindfulness training is delivered via 2 module options.

    • The first module is one hour per week for 12 weeks
    • The second module is 2 1/2 hours per week for 8 weeks.


    What is Holistic Nutrition?

    Holistic Nutrition means “treating the body as a whole” to bring the body into balance. We take into consideration nutrition, lifestyle factors, and natural supplements. A nutritionist learns through science about the impact on our physical and mental well-being from consuming good and bad foods. It is truly amazing how we can use certain foods to help heal the body and to help the body function at its best. Besides learning about nutrition, it is also in our interest learning about natural supplements, chemical free products, and natural practices one can do to live a toxin free life, lower our stress levels, and bring the body into balance. The E3 Nutritional Consulting Program will provide quality and passionate nutritional services to the employees to help them reach their health goals and E3 Consulting will benefit because having healthy employees means a boost for the company to thrive.

    How You Will Benefit With E3 Nutritional Consulting:

    • Gain Information on how foods affect your body so you learn to make healthy choices
    • Get a customized meal plan for your personal lifestyle and goals
    • Realize an Increase in energy
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Maximize the quality of sleep
    • Regain Mental clarity and ability to focus easier
    • Reach a healthy weight without dieting/deprivation/starvation
    • Develop a healthier relationship with food
    • Have better digestion
    • Develop a Better state of wellness and physical confidence
    • Learn how to make simple and delicious meals
    • Learn how to make decadently healthy desserts
    • Weekly follow ups and ongoing support
    • Less medical bill spending and less dependence on harmful medications
    • Become the healthiest version of yourself

    The Mission of E3 Nutrition Consulting:

    At E3 Consulting, we are dedicated to helping others in their health and wellbeing. Our main focuses with nutrition are the need for anti-inflammatory foods, beautifying foods, detoxifying foods, and energizing foods. Everybody has their own metabolism and state of health, therefore we help each person as a unique individual with their own health assessment, personalized nutrition plan, nutrition tips, and take into consideration their food preferences. You will get up to date nutritional information, learn about the latest nutrition trends, join entertaining and fun health discussion classes, and attend food demos on how to make delicious and nourishing recipes. You will lead a happier and better quality of life. Through our Nutrition Consulting Program you will learn how to eat for health, energy, and beauty.


    What is Corporate Fitness?

    E3 believes Corporation Fitness is a high priority concept that shows how healthy employees are simply more productive, energetic, creative, and dependable. Unhealthy employees are more likely to lose productivity resulting in increased sickness leading to loss of work days. This can have a psychological and physical impact on their work. Corporate Health and Wellness are initiatives are key in controlling and combating lost productivity due to a basic lack of good health.

    Creating ways to incorporate a health and wellness program into the corporate workspace will:

    • Increase productivity
    • Result in higher morale
    • Improve employee decision making & creativity
    • Lower disability claims and healthcare costs
    • Attract and retain other health employees

    How does E3 Implement Corporate Fitness?

    E3 brings simplicity to the needs of corporate employees. The ability to have instant online access to information is at the heart of E3’s structure for creating a better you! E3 has an easy interactive system for the corporate employee to utilize with options targeted to individual’s specific goals or need.

    E3’s Corporate Fitness Consulting Services Include:

    • Allowing users to access online video demonstration of various exercises
    • Create an individualized fitness plan with realistic goals & outcomes for users
    • Provide individual & group educating fitness training
    • Creating New and Fun Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Company Culture
    • Create an Incentive Plan to Encourage Users to Want to Participate in Fitness


    E3 believes a company's success is directly correlated with its employee's health and happiness. With stress being the leading cause of disease in our nation, E3 has partnered with Sage Center for Health to develop a program to offer users a simple, cost-effective way to improve the productivity and well-being of employees.

    Employee Acupuncture Rejuvenation (E.A.R.) utilizes a standardized, heavily researched five-point ear acupuncture protocol it can be delivered in a group setting or to an individual in the office

    The benefits of (E.A.R) technique it treats:

    • Stress
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Discomfort

    At the same time, it increases blood flow to the brain, among other positive effects. In today's hectic world, no one is immune to the negative effects of stress. Employees can uniformly benefit greatly from the positive effects this protocol that can be delivered.