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How to Celebrate Remote Workers This Holiday Season

How to Celebrate Remote Workers This Holiday Season 

The holiday season is here! For many businesses, this time of year consists of long hours to meet deadlines and ensure all responsibilities are performed efficiently to satisfy the needs of clients. Due to the current state of the world, celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of employees may look more different than usual. While you may be used to holding social gatherings and parties or being able to offer words of appreciation to employees in-person, acknowledging those who have put forth hard work and dedication to help your business succeed can still be achieved. Learn how to best celebrate remote workers

 this holiday season with the team at E3. 

Host a Virtual Gathering 

With most meetings and communication being done online these days, hosting a virtual gathering for employees is the perfect way to get everyone together and speak to their performance. Entertainment can include preparing a certain holiday cocktail or mocktail as a group, engaging in holiday-themed games, opening presents from an organized gift exchange, and discussing celebrated holidays and traditions. 

Send Handwritten Notes 

Whether they are spoken or written, words are truly powerful and have the ability to elevate others. Sending remote employees a handwritten note in the mail shows that those higher up in the company took the time to show that they care, which can leave employees feeling valued and motivated to continue working hard for a company that appreciates them. 

Present Them With a Thoughtful Gift

Another way to celebrate employees during the holiday season is by presenting them with a thoughtful gift. What is a thoughtful gift you may ask? Some ideas include time off to be spent with close family members, a monetary bonus, something that is customized to each individual’s tastes or interests, or a box of goodies that can be helpful as he or she continues to navigate working from home. 

Celebrate Remote Workers This Holiday Season and Beyond With Help From E3 Consulting

There are so many different ways to show respect and appreciation for the individuals who help make a company what it is. In addition to the aforementioned, gratitude can be shown this holiday season by providing services that will enhance their workday and keep them both safe and healthy. At E3 Consulting Corporation, we proudly create solutions for those working from home during this time of uncertainty. We understand that this has become the new normal for many and rather than having employees adapt themselves, this new environment should adapt to their needs. This can be accomplished through our virtual ergonomic services and the implementation of an ergonomic workstation. The purpose of these services is to increase productivity and comfort, synchronize remote and in-office workspaces, make telecommuting more effective, and free up valuable mental and physical real estate so that employees can concentrate on their various tasks. Ergonomic workstations are designed to meet the needs and demands of a person’s workspace, necessary tasks, and their size. With the proper equipment, employees can put less stress on their bodies and get more done as they are comfortable. 

To give your employees the gift of E3 services during the holidays, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create an excellent work environment for your employees through ergonomics and wellness consulting.

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