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Examples Of Work Wellness Programs

wellness-coach-going-over-healthy-tips-with-workersChoose The Right Wellness Programs For Your Company

Developing a healthy habit can take quite a bit of time and effort and if you want your employees to get into a more healthily lifestyle to increase the happiness and productivity in your office, there are wellness programs that can help. Since employees spend a lot of time at work, it makes sense to put wellness programs into place. It can encourage wellness in employees in every area of their life, including in the workplace. But what wellness programs are right for you? Here are a few options to help you think through some possibilities.

Corporate Fitness

You want your employees to have healthy lifestyles all the way around and a bit part of that is their level of fitness. A corporate fitness program can increase individualized fitness with customized plans alongside realistic goals and outcomes. Your company can give individual and group fitness training classes and an incentive program to encourage employees who want to participate in fitness regimens. You can also give employees online access to videos that demonstrate various exercises and enhance their form.

Nutrition Programs

The foods people choose affect their bodies and most people know that, but not everyone makes decisions based on that fact. Nutrition programs can help employees get customized meal plans for their personal goals and their individual lifestyle. Employees will get an increase in energy and a strengthened immune system in return. They can regain mental clarity and focus on the tasks at hand better. Their healthier relationship with food will give them better digestion and an increased state of wellness and confidence all the way around.

Acupuncture Rejuvenation

Any company’s success is related to the health of the employees who work there and health and happiness are related as well. One unique program you can offer is an acupuncture rejuvenation session that releases stress, relieves fatigue, helps with insomnia, aids depression, alleviates anxiety and gets rid of other discomforts. The blood flow to the brain increases and gives employees a number of benefits.

Healthy Snack Options

Employees may not always have time to pack a healthy lunch and they may forget to bring snacks to work as well. They get tired in the afternoon, which could lead them to run out for fast food or to grab a candy bar or sugary beverage. Your wellness programs could include offering healthy snacks in your office through vending machines, a stocked pantry, fresh fruit bowls, or even catered lunches. The healthy options will increase blood sugar, limit tiredness, and give employees the healthy options they need.

Get More Wellness Program Options

These are just a few of the wellness programs that some companies have tried and you may have already found one that is right for your purposes. If not, E3 Consulting has plenty of other ideas you can put into place within your company to meet your goals. Contact us and let’s go over your needs so we can work together to create wellness programs that will work for your individual purposes.

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