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Remote Work Best Practices

Five Remote Work Best Practices

Working from the comfort of your own home can be a dream for many. It allows you to avoid a stressful commute to work and create a more flexible work schedule. However, you must implement the best practices while working from home to ensure professional success.

Stay engaged during meetings.

Virtual meetings are pretty different than in-person meetings. It’s easy to lose interest when sitting behind a screen during a long meeting. Many have zoned out during meetings as working from home has become more common. This could lead to many disjointed discussions and a lack of good team morale. While participating in a remote session, you should turn your camera on to show your engagement. Stay focused on the agenda and take notes as needed. Avoid scrolling on your phone and plan to share critical feedback. 

Frequently change up your routine.

While working from home, it’s easy to fall into a routine. Sometimes when things get too familiar, it can lead to bad habits. The best way to stay on top of your game is by occasionally hitting “refresh” on your routine. This means changing things up in your work day! Start by changing your work location. Instead of your usual spot, try out a new coffee shop. You can change your daily meals and while working outfits. If you usually work in silence, add music or an exciting podcast as background noise. Try switching out your usual work chair or redecorating your home office. Doing so lets you realize these new changes can add a different feeling to your everyday routine. It’s a simple way to avoid burnout. 

Set Boundaries

With more people working from home, the lines between work and personal life have been blurred. Not being able to escape the grind can harm your mental health. This can lead people to feel like they’re being overworked and heading toward burnout. Being able to unplug is essential. This could only be done if you set clear boundaries between work and downtime. Many have found it easier to unplug by creating a designated workspace. Once the workday is done, they leave that space and their work behind. Others have found it helpful to turn off their work-related notifications when not working. 

Keep track of your productivity.

One of the benefits of remote work is being able to spend more time at home. However, sometimes being at home can lead us to focus on household chores instead of working. You might find yourself cooking breakfast while you’re on a call or FaceTiming a friend while you’re supposed to be working on a project. This freedom can lead to many distractions and a drop in your productivity. Keeping yourself accountable is essential, despite not having anyone looking over your shoulder. We recommend creating a detailed work schedule that tracks how long you spend on projects. Make a task list of things you need to complete daily. Ensure you’ve accomplished everything on your list at the end of each day. 

Focus on your health.

Your day shouldn’t just be about work – your health matters too. Look at your daily calendar and notice how many work-related things are there. Outside of scheduling work-related meetings, you should also be planning personal time. Schedule time for daily walks, meditation, exercise, and more. Practicing a more active lifestyle can be beneficial to your mental health. Taking a few moments away from your work desk is essential to breathe natural air and focusing on yourself. 

Essential Tools For Your Home Office

The right mentality is not the only thing you would need while working from home. There are a few essentials to support optimal productivity. The first thing to establish is where a dedicated office space will be in the house. Think of where you will get the best lighting, outlets, and the minimum human traffic. 

Once that space is chosen, it’s time to decorate the room to inspire you to be comfortable and happy. What are the color tones and decorative themes that bring the most joy to you? Next, think comfortability in a chair. It’s time to invest in the best office chair money can buy. Your desk needs to be an extension to support you and your workflow. Consider investing in a standing desk. Does your job require you to look at multiple screens? Then it’s time to think about adding a computer mount

If your team needs help adjusting to working from home, we offer ergonomic check-ins and evaluations to help create a productive work environment. 

E3 Consulting Is Here To Help You Adjust To Working From Home

We believe employees can thrive professionally with the proper setup while working from home. Revamping your space can not only improve employee productivity but can help create a stronger bond within your team. 

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