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Does Your Company Need An Ergonomics Evaluation?

various-office-workers-giving-a-thumbs-upEveryone Benefits From An Ergonomics Evaluation

While you might know that good ergonomics is important, you may not know much more than that. Does your office have good ergonomics? If you don’t know, it’s best to find out. How can you figure out what your office needs so everyone enjoys good ergonomics? With an ergonomics evaluation. And the best part is, there are options and everyone benefits.

Evaluation Options

You can do a number of things to get your office evaluated. First, it’s a good idea to take an online evaluation. You can simply have an employee do this and get suggestions that can help you reduce ergonomic issues right away. The evaluation takes less than 5 minutes and includes details like work habits, tasks performed and other such items. You can also consult with a professional for half an hour over the phone or by Skype to get a review on your workstation setups for ergonomic purposes. And you can also get an on-site evaluation with an expert. You can always start with the online evaluation and move on to others if you still have issues you need to address.

Employee Benefits

Ergonomics Evaluations are highly valuable for employees as they learn how to work with more comfort, effectiveness, and efficiency. They use the same tools they have now, but with the understanding on how to use them correctly so they can maximize the benefits in the workplace and cut down on pain from poor posture and other issues. Employees have less pain and are able to get more work done faster so they can spend less time at their desks.

Managers Benefits

Managers benefit a great deal from ergonomic evaluations and subsequent changes as well. When their employees aren’t in pain, they take less time off and get more work done in a faster manner. Managers are able to use good ergonomic practices to attract more employees in the future and the knowledge will also benefit the manager’s comfort and safety levels as well.

Worthwhile Investment

Ergonomics evaluations take a little time and perhaps even some funding, but they are worth the effort you put into them. You can reduce absenteeism in your office and decrease work injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and other things that are associated with poor ergonomics. On the flip side, employees will state more job satisfaction and have better morale as well as improve their productivity. Once everyone is on board with the new ergonomics and the evaluation is fully in place, the investment pays off by leaps and bounds.

Finding An Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist

If you are read to put good ergonomics into place, but you don’t really know what’s going on in your office, contact E3 Consulting for help with an ergonomic evaluation. You can do an online assessment first to make a few small changes and then move on to the virtual or in-person evaluation to get a full idea of what you need to do to reap the benefits of good ergonomics in the office place.

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