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Mindfulness Tips to Start The Morning On the Right Foot

Getting Your Wellness On Track

Have you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed? Nothing seems to go right. You’re late, there’s a stain on your shirt, and you didn’t even get a chance to grab breakfast. By the time you get to work, you’re exhausted, and you’re already stressed out and the day has just begun. IT can only get worse from there. If you put a little more mindfulness into your morning routine, you can have a lot better day—on a regular basis. Here are a few new habits to try.

Set Your Alarm For “Too Early”

Are we kidding? You probably already feel like you have to get up too early. But give it a try. Choose a gentle noise like ocean waves or soft music rather than a loud beeping. Let yourself ease into the day. You can use the extra time to lounge in your bed and listen to the music or you can have a cup of coffee out on the porch. Starting the day in a relaxed manner can give you a better outlook on the upcoming hours.

Practice Gratitude

As you wake up and get out of bed, do some deep breathing and stretches as you think about things you are thankful for. Perhaps list your family members, positive aspects of your job, your pets, the nice weather, or anything else that comes to mind. Thinking positive thoughts first thing in the morning can get you going in the right direction.

Ignore Your Phone

Sure, there are plenty of emails, texts, and social media updates waiting for you, but they can wait a little longer. Hang out with yourself in the morning and let your mind and body settle into the day. Meditate a bit of read a chapter in the book you’ve had on your nightstand to get your mind going.

Prepare In Advance

Instead of getting up in the morning and rushing around, trying to make decisions on what to eat and what to wear, you should do all of these preparations the night before. Figure out what you want to wear and lay it out. Get your lunch packed and your breakfast in order so you have healthy options available instead of grabbing whatever’s easy. The next morning, you’ll be glad for your prep work as you can relax and know everything is ready for you.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

You may not be all that hungry first thing in the morning and that’s okay. You don’t have to have a four-course meal. But you’ll be pretty irritable by lunch time if you don’t have something in your stomach. And just plain coffee with nothing to soak it up isn’t a good idea, either. Try a fruit smoothie, some oatmeal, or something else that’s filling, but light and easy to prepare.

Mindfulness Throughout The Day

If you start with morning mindfulness, you might find ways to work your new processes into the rest of the day. It’s never a bad time to be mindful and it can have a big impact on your work and your daily life. Consult with the professionals at E3 Consulting if you’d like mindfulness training or other advice so you can start the morning off right and follow through to the rest of the day.

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