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Why You Should Spend a Little More Time Alone

Aug_wellness_blogWhat is wellness?

You’ve probably heard about the concept of wellness—maybe from your doctor, your parents, your friends. But what exactly does this concept mean? Often, we hear about wellness as the absence of illness, or as being physically healthy. While physical health is an aspect of wellness, it’s not a complete definition. Wellness is more of a continuous process of working toward balance and success in the following areas of health:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Intellectual

One of the simplest ways to improve all five of these areas of wellness is to spend more time alone. Learn more about how spending time by yourself can improve each of the areas of wellness.


We live in a very fast-paced, demanding world. From work to play, we’re constantly moving and trying to do things faster and better. We don’t pause to relax and recharge enough. Maybe your daily life is physically demanding—you’re on your feet all the time, wearing your body out. If this is the case, you should spend more time alone, just doing nothing, to give your body a rest. Or maybe you’re in the opposite situation—sitting at a desk all day and lounging around too much. Your alone time could be spent going for a walk or practicing yoga. Anything to get your muscles moving.


Your mind needs time to recharge just as much as your body does. We encourage spending time alone to let go of everything that happened during the day and to get to know yourself better. Find your happy place—whether it’s a park, a beach, a favorite room in your home—and take some time to breathe. You’ll find that being alone and clearing your mind of responsibilities and problems is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.


Spiritual wellness involves feeling connected with yourself, with a passion, or with a greater power. Use your time alone to meditate, pray, reflect on your relationships, find your passion, or whatever helps you feel connected. By taking a walk or practicing yoga, you’ll be able to improve both your spiritual and physical well being at the same time.


Interacting with people all day long, every day, can become tiring—no matter how outgoing or extroverted you may be. Sometimes, in order to add value to the time we do spend socializing, we need to take a break from it all. Spend some time by yourself to think about your relationships, get to know yourself, and think about the value you bring to your social interactions.


When you’re constantly surrounded by other people, other ideas, and other distractions, you don’t have as much time to think clearly. By spending time alone, you can become more efficient and more creative—exploring ideas and skillsets you wouldn’t be able to in another setting. Exercise your brain by reading a book, taking up a new and challenging hobby, or anything else that makes you think.

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