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What Are Three Major Areas of Ergonomics?

What Are Three Major Areas of Ergonomics?

What is ergonomics and why is it so important? Ergonomics involves studying how people interact with their work environments each day. The goal of implementing ergonomics in workspaces is to improve the productivity, comfort, health, and wellness of employees. There are a number of different ways this can be done, including evaluations, training sessions, equipment, nutritional consulting, and more. It is important to note that there are three major areas of ergonomics: physical, cognitive, and organizational. Learn more about these three areas with the experts at E3 Consulting. 

Physical Ergonomics

Physical ergonomics refers to the body’s response to the physical demands of a person’s workspace or profession. Workplace conditions can immensely affect an individual’s physical health. Overexertion, repetitive movements, and poor posture are just some of the causes of musculoskeletal disorders. These can result in employees having to take a leave of absence from work. To avoid these from developing, employers need to prioritize physical ergonomics. This can be done by creating ergonomic workstations, which consist of ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, footrests, ergonomic keyboards, and more. It is also important to ensure employees aren’t worked beyond their physical capabilities. 

Cognitive Ergonomics

The next type of ergonomics we’ll be discussing is cognitive. Cognitive ergonomics is the study of how a product, system, task, or environment interacts with an individual’s cognitive abilities. It includes designing things that are user-friendly, developing training programs, creating guidelines and brochures, and ensuring that employees can perform what is asked of them. 

Organizational Ergonomics

Lastly, organizational ergonomics is important in a work environment. It focuses on the structure of the workplace as a whole. Implementing organizational ergonomics can be done by designating work times, improving communication within departments, promoting participation, hosting team-building events, and more. 

Learn More About How Our Services Can Help Your Business Benefit In These Three Major Areas of Ergonomics

Now that you have been introduced to the three different areas of ergonomics, it’s time to make sure that your business is doing its best to incorporate them. Need some assistance? E3 Consulting is here to help! Established in 1996, E3 is an industry consulting leader in office ergonomics, design, health, and wellness programs. Our team works with clients to develop sustaining and cost-effective programs that improve a company’s bottom line and overall employee health, comfort, and well-being. We offer a number of ergonomic services, which include ergonomic programs, training programs, health and wellness consulting, software, stress mapping, and virtual ergonomic services. Our programs are designed and tailored around an individual employee as well as the company as a whole. We firmly believe that effective training is a way to build employee awareness and motivation to make a positive change. No matter how small or large your business may be, E3 can help you create a productive work environment as we have successfully helped some of today’s leading companies develop and maintain a workplace wellness and ergonomic program. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your workspace.

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