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How Corporate Wellness Companies Improve Businesses

Man-stretching-and-relaxing-at-his-deskThe Need For Good Ergonomics

It isn’t always easy to promote change around the workplace. Sometimes, the change is difficult to enact on a logistical level. Other times, employees need to be sold on the new ideas in order to embrace them. When it comes to promoting good ergonomics in your business, changes in tools and practices can take some time to adopt. You know they will be good in the long run, but how can you convince other employees of this? More importantly, how can you make the changes work for everyone without going through a long and difficult transition period? This article is all about things you can do around the workplace to promote good ergonomics.

Personalize Potential Benefits

For some people, understanding the typical benefits of an ergonomic workplace is enough to get sold on the idea of changing the tools and practices they use at work. The typical statistics or advertising lines might work for some of your employees to get onboard with the changes. For others, however, you should think about taking a more individualized approach. This means knowing what challenges your employees are facing during their daily work. If some employees are suffering from typical ailments like repetitive stress disorders, you can begin to show them how ergonomic changes will benefit them personally. Pay attention to their individual differences. A more individual, personal approach is a more persuasive approach.

Provide Clear Instructions Or Training

One point that many people struggle with is learning how to actually make the change. Many ergonomic changes are straightforward, but the tools and more complex practices may be difficult. That is why you need to offer enough training or instruction for your employees to help each individual. This usually doesn’t require expensive, lengthy training seminars. Having a good source to answer questions or make personal demonstrations can be enough unless you have a large number of people who aren’t familiar with the changes. In that case, a corporate wellness company like E3 Consulting can help you figure out the best approach. Don’t worry if you are far away, founder Joy Boese says that training can take place virtually!

Make The Tools Accessible To Everyone

To make the tools more attractive to your employees, it’s best to demystify them before giving each employee their own set of ergonomic tools. Beyond showing people how to use these tools, give them a chance to check out and use them. Let them get familiar with new chairs or desk. Make a little bit of time for employees to get to know the equipment. Once you roll out the individual tools for everyone, they will be more familiar with it and more likely to use it. E3 Consulting’s founder states that if employees are a part of the process, they’ll take ownership of their health and move along the path to a better life with more ease.

Keep At It

Not all changes happen overnight, and many times it takes data collection to show clients the actual importance of making the investment in ergonomics for their employees. Toyota Worldwide, for example, has been a client of E3 Consulting for 10 years. Three years ago we were asked to be part of a strategy to enhance the customer experience. At first Toyota’s position was that sit/stand desks were too expensive. E3 created a test environment where employees could work and experience our recommended ergonomic changes for over 6 months. After reviewing the results as well as results from a previous body sensor study, the evidence was clear. Employees needed these desks to be more productive and efficient, so the company got them for all employees. The research changed the company standards.

Sometimes the biggest factor to successfully creating ergonomic change is persistence. When you are dealing with a number of employees, it’s important to make sure everyone makes the transition. Individual attention and instruction will help but can take time. So keep at it and keep reviewing your progress. The rewards will be worth it in the long run where you can look forward to all the employees of the business working in a healthy manner. To see how E3 Consulting can increase the ergonomics in your workplace, check out the website to learn more.

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