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The Steps To Becoming A Wellness Coach

Wellness-coach-teaching-healthy-habits-to-working-individualsWellness Coach Requirements

If you are looking for a new career, or want to hire a wellness coach to help your business ventures, you should know the skill sets they acquired to become wellness coaches. Wellness coaches give individual attention to clients and companies to help them develop healthy habits and reach certain goals. There are a number of requirements that a wellness coach has to meet before becoming official. If you want to be a wellness coach, or wish to work with one, knowing the background details can be useful.

Earn A Degree

Being a wellness coach is a relatively new career so you may not be able to find undergraduate programs. Although some schools offer minors in the profession, it is good to take courses such as nutrition, psychology, and fitness so you have an understanding of the field. You can also gain experience by taking classes in social work, health sciences, and behavioral science. A degree in counseling is also beneficial since you can learn communication skills that will help clients reach their goals and overcome their obstacles.

Gain Experience

Although some entry-level jobs won’t require a bachelor’s degree, having a degree is always a helpful background. You can build your reputation and client base for the future by getting experience working with small groups early on. Even in an entry-level position, you can start to develop the skills you need to inspire clients. There are some organizations that even have training for wellness coaches.

Get Certification

Many employers prefer to have wellness coaches that are certified. There is a training program that is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine. You have to undergo an 18-week training program in order to earn certification. There are other requirements including an oral assessment, proof of clients, a written exam, and goal submission. Certification renewal is required every three years.

Success As a Wellness Coach

Once you are certified, you will gain success and clients if you are able to show your past accomplishments and training. There are a number of ways to do that, but having references that speak highly of their achievements with your coaching can be rewarding. Hold workshops, live classes, and webinars to start gathering clients.

Finding A Wellness Coach

Now that you know what a wellness coach has to go through before becoming certified, you may be more likely to trust their opinions and ideas in the field. If you want your business to have employees that are as happy and healthy as possible (and therefore, more productive) enlisting the help of a professional wellness coach can help. Contact E3 Consulting Health & Wellness Specialist for an assessment. You can take an online pre-evaluation to give you an idea of what direction you need to take. The wellness coaches that work under our company name are some of the best in the field.

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