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coworkers-productively-planningWhat Do Corporate Wellness Companies Have That You Don’t?

Most corporate wellness companies have a number of things that average companies don’t have. First and foremost, they have wellness programs. Wellness programs are more popular than ever before. They started out as a perk for employees, but they have grown into full blow benefits. Wellness programs are a regular part of corporate wellness companies and you can even see them on the benefits package. When the programs are done correctly, they give employees support, tools, incentives, privacy, and strategies to maintain and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few reasons to weed through wellness programs to find a good fit for your company.

Reason 1: Improve Employee Health Behavior

Wellness programs help employees implement behavior changes. With the right skills and education along with some support and motivation, anyone can change. These programs help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors both in and out of the workplace.

Reason 2: Wellness Programs Reduce Health Risks

If you are at a risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other unhealthy ailments because of a diet or lack of exercise, wellness programs can help bring those levels down. In as little as six weeks, people can reduce their health risks. When they change their diets, get exercise, avoid tobacco and make other changes in line with the program, their overall health risks change as well.

Reason 3: Reduce Health Care Costs

No business wants to increase costs in any way and with the right wellness program, health care costs can actually go down. The health care costs depend a lot on health and when employees are healthier, they need less in way of health care overall.

Reason 4: Improve Productivity

Sometimes employees perform poorly because they are not energetic enough. They aren’t comfortable because of ergonomics, their lack of exercise, or a number of other reasons. They will perform better in a number of areas when they participate in wellness programs. When they start eating healthy, for example, they can have more energy for their work.

Reason 5: Reduce Absenteeism

When employees are healthier, they’re sick less and absent even less than that. Whenever health is improved, it can reduce the impact of missing days at work.

Reason 6: Employee Retention

Since you get employees you know are good at what they do, you want to keep them. Plus, it’s a pain to have to re-train and replace employees every so often. Employees with wellness programs will be happier in their positions and that will help them stick around longer than they would have otherwise.

Get Corporate Wellness Companies To Help

When you want wellness programs, you need to find the right one to do what you need done within your company. Contact E3 Consulting for help pinpointing just what you need to change and do differently in the workplace in order to make the biggest impact long term. It can start out fun and end up a huge benefit for your company and your employees.

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