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How Active Sitting Chairs Can Increase Productivity

The Many Benefits of Active Sitting Chairs

We spend a lot of time sitting in our normal daily routines. Think about the amount of time you spend sitting while you eat, watching Netflix, or even just driving around in your car. But the largest percentage of our sitting time is usually due to the time we spend working, either at home or in an office setting. 

More and more people are exploring the potential benefits of incorporating an active sitting chair into their daily lives to help alleviate some of the sedentary time we spend. The benefits of these chairs include increased blood flow, muscle activation, better posture, improving core strength, and helping with hip mobility, to name a few. For business owners thinking about going ergonomic and providing active sitting chairs in your workplace, one of the biggest benefits is increased productivity!

How Active Sitting Can Help Your Productivity

You can already see the numerous health benefits that active sitting chairs provide, but feeling healthier is just the beginning. We all have a lot on our plates, which can lead to stress, anxiety and even burnout at work. However, being and feeling more productive can alleviate all of those potential issues and leave you feeling accomplished and proud at the end of your days. 


Active sitting chairs make you more productive for a few key reasons: 

  1. Gives you more energy – When you are actively engaging your muscles, you increase the blood flow in your body and ultimately your heart rate. This increases your energy levels and keeps you from experiencing those tired periods of fatigue. 
  2. Improves posture and reduces pain – By remaining active and engaged, we are really able to maintain good posture for longer periods of time. Good posture throughout your time sitting will greatly reduce your likelihood of pains and long-term issues. When we feel good, we work better, keeping us focused on our work and not our aching backs!
  3. Increased motivation – When we feel healthier and more energized we are more likely to be motivated to reach other goals in our lives. Also, companies who invest in ergonomic chair and desk options for their employees experience a high level of appreciation and ultimately motivation. When your employees feel the love, they return the love in the form of productivity. 

Active Sitting Chair Options

As with most ergonomic furniture pieces, there are many chair options available. People can choose between stability ball chairs, leaning stools, kneeling chairs, or balance standing discs. All of these options offer different health benefits, making some better than others depending on a person’s physical condition, work set-up and personal preferences. Be sure to explore all of the options before choosing one that is right for you.  


Make Your Workspace More Ergonomic

Are you looking to upgrade your workspace into a more ergonomic place that can help you be more productive? At E3 Consulting we offer a variety of services, including training, to help you and your employees live happier and healthier lives. Contact us today to learn more. 

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