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5 Steps to Help Your Team Be More Productive With Less Stress

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To be successful as a leader, it is important to divide tasks efficiently and fairly between the members of your team. The allocation of assignments must be done fairly in order for your team to function on the grounds of equality. It should be the goal to have people work on the tasks that they are good at and even enthusiastic about so there is less stress and more productivity. Here are the five steps to think about when passing out projects to your staff:

1. Consider Priority
On the list of projects that need to get done, start with the highest priority and start passing out tasks from there. What are the goals of your team? What are the goals of your company? Consider the answers to these questions when allocating work and this will help get more done at a faster pace.

2. Evaluate Skill Sets
Assess the talents of the people you are distributing work to. Do they have the right skill set for the task you are giving them? If so, you automatically reduce failure and will get a high-quality end result that meets your clients’ needs. If you assign a project to someone you know can handle it, you take the guesswork out of your company’s success.

3. Check Availability
Make sure when you are giving someone a project, that they are available to dedicate their time to it. If you start handing out tasks to someone that has already taken on a few other tasks, they focus less on the task at hand and it may seem like they are trusted more than the others. Consider the people who have the resources to complete the project efficiently and effectively. Not only will this heighten their confidence, but it will motivate others to work harder.

4. Acknowledge Opportunity
Consider the opportunity the project you are handing out might present to somebody. Leaders constantly work to develop their team’s skills and give them new things to learn. Give your staff the chance to step up, learn something and receive advice and feedback. This process will bring your employees to a higher level of performance.

5. Consider Interests
Does the person you are assigning a project to have interest in the task? If you notice that one of your team members is really passionate about something, you should encourage them to take it on. Not only will this motivate them but it will increase performance level.

Think about these five factors when assigning work to your team and you will notice the improvement in workflow and overall attitude in your office. The tasks will be balanced and your productivity will be at an all time high.

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