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Five Reasons Men Should Give Mindfulness a Try

Friends togetherEver since the beginning of time, man’s greatest responsibility was to protect their family. This sense of guardianship has lead to a decrease in vulnerability. The issue with men and mindfulness is that it asks us to open up and be emotionally exposed. Now, the physical threats that men were guarding their families from, are much less likely. However, the male brain has not figured this out yet and sees being vulnerable as a threat. This keeps men from reaching their highest human potential.

Luckily, our minds are evolving and more and more men are starting to see the perks of bringing mindfulness into their lives. Here are five reasons why being more mindful can help in your day to day life.

1. Heightens Focus
Mindfulness is a great tool to help you focus on what is most important. Some of the most major companies in the world, such as Google, Apple and Yahoo, practice self-awareness in the workplace. Even the military uses this to calm their soldiers and stay focused in the field. When men intentionally pay attention to their thoughts, they get better and better at paying attention to the things that matter.

2. Enhances Performance
With better focus, comes better performance. A study in the Journal of Occupational Health proved that employees saved 69 minutes per week in productivity when practicing mindfulness. Our society is so trained in multitasking, which allows for confusion between what is urgent and what is not. If we train our brains to pay attention to what matters, we can be more successful in our careers.

3. Increases Emotional Intelligence
If we are consistently shutting out our vulnerability, we are also guarding against our emotions. The brain mostly makes decisions based on emotion, so we do not want to lose sight of what is going on internally. When it comes to fear and apprehensiveness, our minds can get a bit erratic. Mindfulness helps us approach these emotions with the ideal response, which helps us learn from them. In doing this, we start to feel stronger and develop a sense of reliance in ourselves.

4. Helps You Become a Better Lover
Practicing self-awareness also helps us tune into other people in our lives. Conflict occurs frequently when a couple is not tuned into eachothers needs. Emotional intelligence leads to the development of empathy. Having the ability to put yourself
in someone else’s shoes can help you understand their needs. Mindfulness leads
to us being more in tune with our emotions and our bodies, which leads to a much
better love life.

5. Trains Confidence
Practice in mindfulness will help with focus, performance, relationships and emotional awareness, which ultimately leads to more confidence. The more we act with intention and repetition, the more it becomes a positive habit. As we train our brains to be more mindful, we experience more insight into who we truly are. In turn, we start to inspire and motivate those around us.

As you can see, men will really start to see a difference in their lives when practicing mindfulness. If you or your place of business would like assistance in creating a more self-aware mindset, contact E3 Consulting Corporation! We are happy to help with everything from better productivity to stress management and are looking forward to working with you!

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