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Are Wellness Programs Good For Business?

Wellness-programs-offered-to-businessesWellness Programs And Businesses

Wellness programs are good for both the waistline and the bottom line within a business. Most people spend more time at work and less time on their health nowadays. Businesses are starting to understand there are benefits to keeping workers well and healthy. Workers will be more productive and take less sick days, for starters. Couple that with the fact that health care costs are soaring and wellness programs become even more important to businesses. Most employees find them beneficial and they help heighten the retention rate.

What Wellness Programs Are Most Wanted?

Most employees have their own agenda when it comes to their overall health. Some want stress management for a wellness program topic when pressures rise from the economy and work/life balance. Others enjoy health screening programs, exercise programs, health insurance education and preventative care. Employees often appreciate programs that deal with work-related health issues like strains from task-oriented muscle repetition and back pain from sitting.

What Can Wellness Programs Do?

There are a number of things that successful wellness programs can do. They can reduce absent employees and boost productivity. Employees can lessen the amount of time they have to visit a doctor, leading to better production and overall health. Wellness programs can also foster camaraderie among employees and enhance collaboration efforts.


How Can Wellness Programs Be Started?

With a wide range of health concerns, how does a business choose wellness programs to get started? The key is for employers to address the overall health needs of staff members in order to change unhealthy behaviors and promote wellness. Employers should survey staff members to see where the biggest concerns lie. Printed materials and posters can start the process, but everyone needs a different format in order to learn. There might also be health-related quizzes, videos, brown bag lunch presentations, or wellness incentive programs to enjoy.

How Do You Get Participation?

One of the biggest hurdles of wellness programs is getting employees to participate.Some people simply won’t be interested while others won’t feel they have the time for it. Using a creative approach with an incentive for participation will help. Invest in organized wellness programs with a consultant to give employees access to individual information and health items to increase interest.

Who Can Help With The Process?

E3 Consulting Health & Wellness Specialist believes wellness is all about the health and well-being of each individual. An individual’s well-being is connected to the lifestyle choices they make through nutrition, fitness, stress, mindfulness and other areas. E3 would like to help you determine the areas in which your business needs help so you can take a step towards achieving balance with the wellness programs you put into action.

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