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Ergonomic Consulting in Sherman Oaks

E3 Consulting Corporation has been an industry leader in ergonomics and wellness consulting since 1996. We develop cost-effective, sustaining programs to improve employee comfort, health, and well being.

We are passionate about helping our clients create more comfortable, productive workplaces. We offer ergonomic and wellness consulting services to identify what is working and what needs improvement within the workplace. Our ergonomic experts develop customized ergonomic programs for each client to benefit the health and well being of their employees. We work with clients of all sizes—from global corporations to small businesses. No matter what size your business is, we’ll create solutions to fit your company culture and budget.

Our name says it all: Ergonomics Equals Excellence (E3). Let us help you create an excellent work environment through ergonomics and wellness consulting.


About Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley district of Los Angeles, California. The Sherman Oaks neighborhood contains two parks, a senior center, and 15 different schools. More than 50,000 residents live in the 9.15-square mile neighborhood of Sherman Oaks.

The city of Sherman Oaks has been home to many well-known people over the years. Some of the most notable residents of Sherman Oaks include celebrities, athletes, and executives. The following people are past or current residents of Sherman Oaks:

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • Tom Selleck
  • Yasiel Puig (baseball player)
  • Terry Donahue (football coach)