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E3 Consulting Corporation has been an industry leader in ergonomics and wellness consulting since 1996. We develop cost-effective, sustaining programs to improve employee comfort, health, and well being.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics could be simply defined as the study of work. But, in reality, ergonomics is a little more complicated than that. While ergonomics does involve the study of work, it focuses more on the people doing the work and how aspects of their job affect that work. During an ergonomic evaluation and consulting, we study your employees’ daily routines and their jobs. We use our findings to suggests strategic changes within your workplace, based on the needs of your employees and keeping in mind your company values. We customize each ergonomic program for our clients, recommending anything from new furniture to employee wellness programs.

Our Ergonomic Evaluation

At E3 Consulting, our ergonomic evaluation process typically starts with an online ergonomic pre-evaluation survey. Participating employees will take a short survey, including their work habits, work process, and basic personal information. We’ll identify the types of tasks performed in your workplace, types of tools and technology needed for efficiency, determine your future ergonomic needs, and more. After each evaluation, we can then recommend specific changes for employees to make in the workplace right away. The more employees that complete our ergonomic evaluation, the better your long-term results will be.

Our name says it all: Ergonomics Equals Excellence (E3). Let us help you create an excellent work environment through ergonomics and wellness consulting.