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E3 Consulting Corporation has been an industry leader in ergonomics and wellness consulting since 1996. We develop cost-effective, sustaining programs to improve employee comfort, health, and well being.

Happy + Healthy = Successful

We have come to realize that wellness and health are directly related to our lifestyle choices. We also realize that the most successful people are healthy and happy. And the most successful companies are filled with happy, healthy people. This is why we strongly believe in the power of employee wellness programs. We help our clients develop employee wellness programs that fit within their business goals and company culture. Even if some people don’t participate, you’ll find that employees appreciate just having the option to improve their health. For those that do participate, you’ll see an increase in productivity and morale, as well as a decrease in health care costs and sick days.

Customized Employee Wellness Programs

Before we help you develop employee wellness programs, we’ll observe and survey your employees to see what is working and what needs improvement. We’ll then make personalized recommendations to maximize the impact of your employee wellness program. Taking into consideration your business goals and your employees’ needs, we’ll help you and your team achieve balance. We may focus on areas of wellness like mindfulness, stress management, fitness, and nutrition. You’ll be able to see what a difference healthy, happy employees will make in the workplace.

Our name says it all: Ergonomics Equals Excellence (E3). Let us help you create an excellent work environment through ergonomics and wellness consulting.