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Ergonomic Consulting in Beverly Hills

E3 Consulting Corporation has been an industry leader in ergonomics and wellness consulting since 1996. We develop cost-effective, sustaining programs to improve employee comfort, health, and well being.

Ergonomics involves studying how workers interact with their job environments. It involves making changes to certain aspects of jobs to benefit those actually doing the jobs. Ergonomic programs and consulting are designed to improve the well being and comfort of employees, through improvements in the workplace.

We are passionate about helping our clients improve their health and well being. Over the years, we have grown to work with top companies throughout the country. Since our small beginnings in 1996, we have become an industry leader in office design, wellness, health, and ergonomics. We create customized ergonomic and wellness programs that fit within your company’s culture, budget, and staff needs.

Our name says it all: Ergonomics Equals Excellence (E3). Let us help you create an excellent work environment through ergonomics and wellness consulting.


About Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a town within Los Angeles County, bordered by Los Angeles and West Hollywood. The town of Beverly Hills, often referred to by its zip code 90210, is best known for its upscale shopping, celebrity sightings, and depiction in popular culture.

Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive is a major tourist attraction and premier shopping district. In addition to its high-end stores, the shopping district is known for its annual festivals and events. One of these events is held every year on Father’s Day. The annual Concours d’Elegance attracts car enthusiasts come from around the world for a display of some of the most expensive automobiles in the world.

The town of Beverly Hills is commonly featured in movies and television shows. Some of the most notable over the years have included Beverly Hills in their names. These include:

  • The Beverly Hillbillies
  • The Beverly Hills Cop
  • Beverly Hills, 90210
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills