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Dalilah Sandoval, Ergonomics Consultant, BA, CAE, CEAS

Dalilah Sandoval is a Senior Certified Associate Ergonomist at E3 Consulting Corporation. With over 13 years of experience in the Office, Health and Wellness Industry. Dalilah has conducted over 1000+ onsite office ergonomic assessments as well as virtual ergonomic assessments for numerous clients such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Toyota Motor Sales, USA & Experian. Dalilah has been providing excellent customer support and overall promoting a healthy office work environment for clients globally. Dalilah is also bi-lingual in both English & Spanish.

Summary of Experience

  • Performs Onsite and Virtual Workplace Ergonomic Evaluations and Follow-ups
  • Performs Ergonomic Clean Sweeps, Chair Fittings, and Ergonomic Product Trainings
  • Works collaboratively with HR, Facilities, IT, and other E3 colleagues to help build/manage a strong Ergonomic Program for our clients
  • Works closely with both In-house facility design team and ergonomic manufacturers/dealerships to make sure ergo furniture installations run smoothly and most importantly, we focus on designing a safe & productive environment for the office employee
  • Assisting in data collection/extensive research to facilitate immediate ergonomic resolutions and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Works remotely with other client locations, in-house coordinators, IT employees for (i.e. Miami, Vancouver, New York,) to make sure shipping and ergo products get installed for ergo recipients


B.A., Human Development, 2013, California State University, Long Beach, CA
CEAS, Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, 2013 - The Back School of Atlanta
C.A.E. Certified Associate Ergonomist, Oxford Research Institute, 2015