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Cami Evans, Image & Public Relations Consultant, B.A.

Cami Evans is an experienced Image & Public Relations Consultant who has worked in Commercial Fashions for over 15 years. She began working with E3 Consulting in assisting Senior & Junior Executives with Corporate Styling for International Speaking Events and Client Meetings. Her passion has always been helping people improve their self image, styling to their body, for a special event and working with in an Executive’s Budget.

Summary of Experience

  • Worked with Executives and Senior Staff to assist with Personal Image Styling
  • Fashion & Design Consultant with Corporate Executives
  • Assist with Companies Overall Image Consulting for Junior to Senior Level Executives
  • Personal Styling which includes Clothing, Hair & Make Up Images for Corporate Execs.


B.A., Liberal Arts & Sociology, 1991 Long Beach State University, Long Beach, CA
M.U.D – Make Up Design Academy Certification, 2011, Burbank, CA